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Written by Tsam

The fundamentals that sustain and carry the democratic countries of the West are made of soft material. We have seen the last few months that with one unexpected and uncontrollable hardship, the fundamentals of Capitalism start collapsing one by one. The last few weeks the markets closed with losses of more than 17% proving how much consumer perception affects the market, people starting to buy more this is actually start to freeze the markets when the logistics receive massive damage due to borders control. The idea that we’re going to be hungry made us hungrier. At the same time and from the other leak in our boat, Russia vs Petrol Money vs Dollar is another battlefield, that plays a critical role in how Capitalism is attached to materials rather than humans. That is the oxymoron that proves how sensitive the technocrats system is. The healthcare system was facing severe problems and the new COVID-19 just came to give the final shot, honouring all those who give fights in hospitals under any profession to help save the system from collapsing and give their lives in healthcare. The problem here is the system and not the people who are somehow “forced to accept and follow the rules.” Those are some of the problems that Europe is facing and finds no answers to, and still not counting the topic of refugees and Turkey’s pressure. Here is the part where we realize the real face of society when all countries start acting like introverts and protecting their nations.

Is democracy affected? As the dollar and the rubble are affected by oil prices and oil money, much more democracy is affected by capitalism. We begin to understand that markets will maximize their profits from unusual and unnecessary demand. Democracy is attached to the system; when the sovereignty of the system is questioned, then it begins to collapse. People start thinking individually and not collectively because they do not trust the reliability and disputes of abilities driven by surviving fear. Someone could claim that we live a crucial point in history not because of the Virus but because it will be an example to avoid. Hopefully, we are not going to lose our human nature in order to survive.